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Jan 2018

Shopping Carts !!

A lot of questions have been asked lately about our product line, we are re-launching it in 2018 with a great start; new customers that are looking for the high-quality, low price and awesome customer service and experience that have seen in Maxi-Value are asking about them! Please browse through our Products Section (click on […]

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Dec 2017

New Product Line

A new product line is on the works. We will bring a complete new product line to expand our offering to our customers. High-quality, competitieve and low price is what we are after; we have reached a winner for 2018 and will present very soon.  

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Aug 2016

How Green Is Your Bag?

How green is the produce bag you see in the supermarket? Not much unless it’s a Bioplanet bag. Bioplanet bags are truly green! Watch the video below to learn more about their awesome produce bags.    

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Jul 2016

Will the Produce Bag Rip? (Acorn Squash)

Bioplanet Corp. is back with another video for, ‘Will the Bag Rip?’ Last time they used pineapples to test the produce bags. This time around they used acorn squash! Check out the video to find out what happens.      

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Jun 2016

Not Your Regular Disposable Cups, These are PET-astic!

Our sister company, Bioplanet Corp., are the greenest disposable cups in the market. Their plastic drinking cups are made from environmentally preferable PET material which is the most recycled plastic in the world! PET cups are crystal clear, durable, the plastic resin is readily available, and they are 100% recyclable. The cups can be used […]

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May 2016

Will the Pineapple Rip the Bag?

If a pineapple is dropped from the second floor into a produce bag, will the bag rip?Our sister company Bioplanet Corp. decide to test the strength of their bags vs. the competition. Look at the video below to see which bags survive and which ones rip.  

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Apr 2016

A Look into Recycling Paper

Paper is our most recycled material. In fact, paper can be recycled 4 to 6 to times. Take a look into the steps it takes to convert your recycled paper into new paper used for new products.

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